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Whether you’re considering organising an unforgettable commencement ceremony or you’re looking for a way to represent your insitutuon’s logo or brand name through unique and elegant products, Diplomissimo offers great promotional and graduation products with an excellent price-performance ratio. Reward your graduates with our graduation caps, gowns and many other personalised graduation accessories !

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Services tailored to your needs

We have always been concerned about the needs and demands of our customers. We will give our best in order to propose you different services and to help you celebrating a successful graduation ceremony. more (...)

A committed company

Sustainability concerns anyone of us and therefore Diplomissimo offers you the chance to bring your foundation stones for an edifice: your commencement ceremony will help us to finance school stationary, ... more (...)

Sustainable development

Diplomissimo decided to help you by trying to reduce the environmental impact of your commencement ceremonies by proposing you numerous ecological and economical hiring packages. more (...)

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"Can India and China dominate HE in the twenty first century ?" (16.06.2016)

In the so-called Asian century, no one could dispute that China and India will be the future giants of world higher education.
When India overtook China as the world’s fastest growing major economy earlier this year, it made headlines around the globe

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"Can a young university be a world-leading university ?" (31.03.2016)

Youth is not a bar to excellence, despite older institutions’ rankings success. Jack Grove analyses how some youthful contenders have risen in the ranks

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A-levels are not the only route to university, says Ucas (28.01.2016)

Ucas urges parents and teachers to be more aware of other options, as rising numbers of students apply to university without the traditional three A-levels. Ucas figures show more UK students are taking alternative qualifications, such as BTecs, alone or alongside A-levels.
In 2015, 15% of 18-year-old applicants took up a BTec, up from 11% in 2011.

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Passion or profession: equally good reasons to do a postgrad degree (09.11.2015)

For some students, a postgrad course is a chance to dedicate themselves to a subject they love. Others opt for a master’s to boost or swap their career.

Option one: ‘I picked postgrad because I loved my subject’
When competition for graduate jobs is stiff, and postgraduate study involves a major financial commitment, it may sound like folly to take a master’s degree for pure pleasure rather than because it might lead to a particular job.

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